ravioli, take one.

As promised, I made ravioli. The recipe we used was from Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts. This is a book we pull out very, very often; it has a lot of great recipes.

However, it did have to be modified; the dough needed a lot more liquid than specified. My mom, who put the dough together, said she had to add at least a few extra tablespoons to the mix to get it to roll out, and in fact it could’ve used more. I’ve got a boatload of pictures from making the ravioli, so I’ll get started right away!

Here are some of the ingredients we started out with.


That’s some premade GF Classic Blend from the book, xanthan gum, some eggs, ricotta cheese, and a measuring cup. The lemons and cocktail sauce were just on the counter.

This is the parsley for the filling before it was chopped. Look how colorful!



My mom mixed the dough in the stand mixer (we use this SO MUCH) while I made the filling. Filling was that package of ricotta cheese mixed with chopped parsley, a quarter cup of grated parmesan, and an egg, plus salt and pepper, all mixed together. 

The pasta dough, pre-rolling.



As said previously, this stuff was awful to roll out, and we had to add water a few times to get it to be rollable. It still was a hassle.


Meanwhile, here’s the filling for the ravioli, before I mixed it together. You can see all the ingredients there–the two kinds of cheese, parsley, the egg–it’s all there.

Here’s the filling all mixed up, ready to go into the skin. We had a TON leftover–you might want to only use half the package of ricotta, actually. We ended up putting too much filling in too little skin–don’t do this. We had to cook them really oddly to make up for this. I have a lot more pictures of the filling process, but I’m gonna skip them for now. On to cooking!

We didn’t cook them normally for fear they’d explode, so here they are in the skillet we simmered them in, slowly adding water.

Here’s one of the ravioli with sauce. There’s really only one thing left to do now…


As the title says, this is only take one. We’ll probably try this recipe again, and I have a feeling we’ll have drastically different results. Until next time.

Happy Holidays!

a new start.

So I’ve never had a blog before. Really, I’ve never had anything to write about. But with the events of last spring, I decided I’d do one. As it says in my little description I wrote up about five minutes ago, I have celiac disease. I also used to be quite the gluten lover, and I’ve had my work cut out for me trying to come up with replacements. My mom’s been a big help; she actually does do most of the cooking and recipe-finding, and she gets credit for a lot of the things I’ll post up here, like the infinite incarnations of bread recipes. Each one is a little better, and we’re getting closer to a good thing. I don’t have any recipes or pictures to share right now, but I will share what I’ve had to eat today:

  • A toasted ham-and-swiss sandwich on Bread Batch no.1 (it isn’t our first batch, but it is the first one I’m going to mention here; it’s in reality something like Bread Batch 15-20.) Ham-and-swiss sandwiches are really my favorite for GF bread; non-toasted options can get really crumbly. It’s not much of a recipe, but I’ll write it down in a later post.
  • A small bag of Riceworks brown rice crisps in Parmesan and Sundried Tomato flavor. They taste kind of like Doritos. I’m not sure what the process is for mentioning brand-name stuff in a blog, but I love these things. They’re crunchy and definitely tasty.
  • Apples and teeny-tiny little grape tomatoes. I thank whoever the heck’s up there that veggies and fruits are gluten-free, simply because they’re so good. New vegetables can really spice up a tried-and-true recipe, and there are going to be so many pictures of my growing efforts during the summer, as well as all the great farmer’s markets and pick-your-owns in my area. I moved from Florida about one and a half years ago and all the fresh produce here has spoiled me.
  • Not strictly something I’ve eaten, but rather what I will be eating. We’re going to try and make ravioli tonight for dinner. We’ve been attempting to make it since my birthday in late October, but we never seem to find time. Apparently it’s been hiding in winter break all along. If they come out, I’ll take pictures and post up what we did; if not, I’m sure I’ll still be able to do some in-progress pictures, and possibly figure out what the heck we did wrong.  If any early readers could enlighten us as to tips, we’d appreciate it for sure. I haven’t had ravioli in forever, so I’m really hoping it turns out okay. The dough we’ll be using, as with all gluten-free doughs, is basically held together by sheer force of will, so there’s a good chance it’ll simply fall apart in transit. Let’s hope not. It’s a dough recipe from an invaluable recipe book we use; I think there’ll be links to that too.


        See you next post! I’m excited to start this blog and I hope you’ll be along for the ride. Future topics will be bento lunches once I go back to school, restaurants, and recipes we’ve tried and modified. Bread Batches will be posted up whenever we run out of the current one and my mom has to make more.